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About Retrofoam of Atlanta
Retrofoam of Atlanta is a team of highly dedicated, trained installers who are passionate, reliable, committed professionals serving Newnan, GA. We are in the business of transforming homes in Newnan, GA and addressing the needs of exterior spray foam polyurethane roof insulation through the delivery of world leading products and educating our customers on the benefits of our services as it relates to handling your exterior spray foam polyurethane roof insulation needs. Retrofoam of Atlanta provides Retro foam, which is an injectable foam that can solve many of your household problems. It will lower your power bill 25 percent to 50 percent, saves energy, provides a 45-50db reduction of sound on average and saves you money over the long term. Installation of RetroFoam in Newnan, GA is a breeze in most types of construction. Typically installation is completed in just a few hours. Since it can be installed from the outside, there is no need to tear out walls, move furniture, or have interior clean-up. RetroFoam´┐Ż installation technicians will leave the outside neat and clean, too! Our products and service will be of the highest quality and delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Our customers in Newnan, GA will be able to understand and enjoy the benefits of a warmer/cooler, dryer, healthier environment in their transformed homes. Retrofoam of Atlanta's uniqueness when it comes to handling exterior spray foam polyurethane roof insulation services is innovative technology that has been created over a period of 35 years of practical experience in the marketplace. The results deliver cost-efficient insulation solutions to homes in Newnan, GA. Call us today at (770) 217-7503.
What Makes Us Unique?
Retrofoam of Atlanta's product RetroFoam will assist in your exterior spray foam polyurethane roof insulation search in Newnan, GA. Retro Foam is 100% environmentally friendly and it's a Energy Star product. RetroFoam has one of the largest returns on your money of any Energy Star Product for your home. Retro Foam has been recommended by everyone one from super star Mike Holmes from "Holmes on Homes' to local radio station host Dave Baker of WSB news talk 750. Your search for exterior spray foam polyurethane roof insulation will provide you a product that has the highest R-Value on the market. Retrofoam stops air movement which will reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. We do not allow air to pass through the product, RETROFOAM stops all the drafts in your walls through electrical outlets and switches. We make your walls much warmer to the touch. It never breaks down, changes shape, or loses R-Value over time. It is not affected by moisture. If the foam gets wet, it always dries and will be 100%. RETROFOAM does not support mold or mildew growth. This is the only product that can completely re-insulate a home that has existing insulation in the walls. RETROFOAM cuts down 80 percent of airborne noise through walls. Call us today at (770) 217-7503 to understand what RetroFoam can do for you.
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Spray-in-place polyurethane foam has been used for years in refrigerators, commercial coolers and thermos bottles, and when used to insulate homes and commercial buildings, can add up to 300% shear strength to the structures which can reduce initial building costs. Energy bills are reduced as much as 60% - a good thing for the planet as well as your wallet. No venting is necessary in vaulted ceilings. Airborne sounds (planes, trains, cars, barking dogs) are greatly reduced when walls and ceilings are sprayed with SPF.

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